Ryan is a Marketing Consultant & Entrepreneur. He has over 10 years of experience helping companies get more exposure through digital channels. Ryan helped brands like Hellmans, Bayer, Fiat, Nike and VISIT FLORIDA on online acquisition strategy as a consultant for Deloitte and later SapientNitro.


Show Notes

(00:30) – Ryan tells us something interesting

  • Currently in Miami, Florida
  • Has been a business owner for about 10 years

(00:53) – Ryan explains his business

  • After working in a big consulting firm he broke off and started his own consulting agency
  • Started a store and agency and eventually ended up selling those but currently owns a small agency and has a platform called The Blueprint Training and he and his partner are about to bring a piece of software to market

(2:36) – Ryan shares what he’s excited about right now

  • He is passionate about business and loves the freedom that comes with running his own business, that he can run his company from his condo in Miami and is not tied to a location or job

(9:29) – Go to mikeolivas.com to schedule a call and change your life today!

(11:05) – Why Ryan believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • Because it’s hard- balancing personal life and business life is challenging and it’s not for everyone

(15:20) – Ryan’s opinion on hiring a marketing agency

  • He personally would never hire an agency- but would rather hire internally or hire someone longterm

(17:42) – Ryan Stewart’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Be careful who you partner with
  • He’s had to sever ties with multiple partners and it is a painful process


Learn more about Ryan:

  • ryanwashere.com
  • Ryan Stewart on social media







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