Justin is the Chief Business Development Officer of JobPath, the most robust veteran employment platform in the country that also now helps people with disabilities and formerly incarcerated people. Justin is a combat veteran from the war in Iraq, an inspirational speaker, and has given several TEDx Talks.


Show Notes

(0:49) Justin tells us something interesting about himself.

  • He’s from Virginia.

(1:32) Justin talks about JustinConstantine.com.

  • It’s the second business he has started.
  • He was shot in the head in Iraq in 2006.
  • After his recovery, a lot of people started asking him to speak at events.
  • He speaks about leadership and overcoming adversity.

(5:17) Justin talks about overcoming adversity.

  • We can’t control what’s happening outside, but we can control what’s going on inside our heads, how we spend our time, and our outlook on things.
  • It’s okay to ask for help.
  • Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on what you’re good at.

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(11:13) Justin tells us what he’s excited about within his business.

  • He’s starting to use Google AdWords to get more engagement.

(14:40) Justin tells us how he has been able to live the life he wants to live.

  • He’s focused on work, healthy relationships, exercising, and mental health.
  • He sets himself goals for all of those things.

(16:44) Justin’s parting advice for entrepreneurs.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Be a constant learner.


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