Mary Shores is a powerhouse CEO, communication expert, and best-selling author who helps people change their words to fall back in love with their work and their customers.


Show Notes

(1:20) – Mary tells us something interesting

  • Currently lives in Champagne, Illinois
  • 10 years ago she took a deep dive on a spiritual path

(3:20) – Mary shares about how COVID-19 has affected his business

  • She’s been in business for 21 years so she’s been through economic crisis’ before
  • Her company is a debt collection company
  • It’s difficult the collect during times like this and they created policies to allow people to have some space and time to make their payments
  • She decided to observe, make decisions and act- which allowed them time to evaluate their employees and they have not laid anyone off yet

(11:25) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(13:10) – Mary’s advice for entrepreneurs who have been affected during COVID-19

  • When you’re trying to preserve cash flow, offer a low-risk deal to
  • When you’re paying your employees through the payroll protection plan make sure they are doing other things even if they aren’t working- like webinars and training sessions

(22:50)  – Mary Shores’ advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Always talk in terms of solutions- talk about what you can do instead of what you cannot do


Learn more about Mary:

  • Mary Shores on LinkedIn







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