Janine Shepherd is a former elite athlete, aerobatics pilot, author, speaker and resilience coach whose TED talk has over 1.6 millions views and is a favourite on TED.com.


Show Notes

(00:38) – Janine tells us something interesting

  • Currently in Wyoming
  • She has a near death experience
    • She was in a very serious accident and spent 6 months in a spinal ward

(1:41) – Janine explains how she came up with the idea for janineshepherd.com

  • She has been an athlete her entire life: track and field, triathlons, marathons etc. and eventually got into cross country skiing
  • In 1986 she was on a bike ride with her teammates, and 5 ½ hours into the ride she was run over by a truck and it completely changed her life
  • She was told that she could never walk again (though she can no walk), so she decided to learn how to fly, became a pilot and used to teach people how to fly upside down
  • Currently uses speaking as a platform to share her story and encourage others

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(14:07) – Janine shares how she has built the life she wants to live

  • She focuses on the process, not the goal
  • We are fed the lie that “we are meant to be happy” but sometimes life is sad, and that’s ok. It’s meant to be about meaning and growth.

(15:58) – Janine Shepherd’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • Focus on the process and what brings you alive
  • Embrace the hills, it’s never as bad as you think


Learn more about Janine:

  • janine_shepherd on Instagram
  • Janine Shepherd on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn







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