Ken is a high-energy former engineer, now running a cleaning company. SMART goal-setting was Ken’s catalyst for shrinking his workweek by 2 days without sacrificing income. Now, he re-invests his time into coaching, helping Dad’s connect with their kids, and spending more time with his own family of six.


Show Notes

(00:50) – Ken tells us something interesting

  • Currently living in the Philadelphia suburbs
  • He has uncles and aunts that are younger than him
  • He was a major ping pong player in college and won the “Forrest Gumpathon”
  • He is a former engineer

(1:41) – Ken explains his business, Smart Cleaning Biz

  • He started a side business of cleaning, and it became a 14-year journey in New York & it just worked
    • He found a way to change his workweek from 5 days to 3 days and continued to earn the same income
  • His business has a few different areas they work in:
    • 1. He cleans by himself
    • 2. He helps businesses get resources and sets up smart goals to help them scale their business

(9:14) – Go to to schedule a call and change your life today!

(12:31) –  What Ken is excited about right now

  • Spring is just around the corner
  • He’s excited about helping people and sharing information that can make a positive impact

(9:50) – Why Ken believes that entrepreneurs give up

  • Things will get hard, don’t give up but persist
  • Hardships are temporary, the spring will always come

(14:28) – Ken Carfango’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • He has always been a side hustler and found that he was more passionate about the side hustle than his main job, though he wishes he had done it opposite so that his main business can have more growth


Learn more about Ken:

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