Anna is a voice over talent and stand up comic who also happens to be a Celiac who writes cookbooks. She co-hosts the “Fitness Confidential” podcast with Vinnie Tortorich. She has voiced hundreds of commercials, cartoons, movies, promos, radio stations, and video games, which is a super cool day job to support her passion of food blogging and cookbook authoring. Her cookbook and Amazon bestsellers, “Eat Happy” and “Eat Happy Too” have 320+ easy to make low carb recipes that are all delicious comfort food, free from sugars and grains. Anna hails from Los Angeles and cooks for a husband, a teenage daughter, and a tiny dog.


Show Notes

(0:51) Anna tells us something interesting about herself.

  • She lives in Los Angeles.
  • She’s a voice over actor and comedian but also writes cookbooks.

(1:27) Anna talks about her website.

  • She offers recipes for people looking for low-carb content.

(10:07) Anna talks about getting out of her rock bottom.

  • She started differentiating the times she got negative reactions from the ones where bad things were actually happening.
  • That helped her to better control the emotional response to those negative reactions.

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(21:00) Anna talks about building the life that she wants to live.

  • She set a personal goal for his businesses to hit a certain level, and they did.
  • As a content creator, she’s curious about what content will come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • She just bought a house in LA.

(23:24) Anna’s parting advice for entrepreneurs.

  • Timing is everything.


Find Anna on:

@AnnaVocino on Instagram







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