Nathan is an entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. Most recently, Nathan co-founded in 2015 with an initial $5,000 investment, scaled it to $12M per year in revenue, and was then acquired in 2019. Today, Nathan is a co-founder of OutsourceSchool, a company working to educate entrepreneurs on how to effectively hire and scale with virtual assistants through in-depth courses. Nathan has appeared on 300+ podcasts, is a social media personality, and loves sharing advice on scaling remote businesses.


Show Notes

(1:46) Nathan tells us something interesting about himself.

  • From Massachusetts currently living in Florida.
  • He’s never had a real job.
  • Started buying and selling textbooks until he got a cease and desist from his college.

(2:52) Nathan talks about his businesses.

  • He was an Amazon seller, where he started remote-hiring people through Upwork and Fiverr.
  • He wanted something better and faster, so he launched
  • They received thousands of applications from all over the world, but only 1% would get in.
  • Halfway through last year a client reached out to them for an acquisition.

(4:57) Nathan talks about pivoting to his current job.

  • People started reaching out to them to know how they managed to run a company with no US office and only 35 VAs in the Philippines.
  • That’s when they decided to teach people how to use VAs.
  • 3% of their income goes to charity.

(6:57) Nathan talks about virtual assistants.

  • When you are just starting hiring VAs the most important thing is the system and the process that the VA is given.

(9:09) Nathan’s advice for people trying to get into the VA world.

  • You need to break down hiring into four parts: interviewing, onboarding, training, and managing.
  • Most new entrepreneurs forget onboarding, which means setting expectations and getting on the same page with the VA before you start the training.

(10:19) Go to to schedule a business strategy session for free!

(11:24) Nathan tells us how an entrepreneur should define what he needs from a VA.

  • Create a list of everything you do and how much time does it take.
  • Prioritize those tasks from easiest to hardest.
  • Start getting the easiest stuff off your plate.

(12:48) Nathan tells us how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected his business.

  • COVID-19 sped up working remotely.
  • He started a new company.

(15:22) Nathan’s advice for entrepreneurs to keep their businesses alive during COVID-19.

  • Be open and honest with your employees and try to find options for them to stay on.
  • It’s important to keep a relationship with employees that were laid off.
  • Pivot and adjust.


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