Erik is an online branding and business coach as well as a TEDx and Keynote speaker with his signature talk “From Prison to Purpose”. When he’s not inspiring people from the stage he’s focused on bridging the gap for new coaches, service-based providers, and speakers as they set out to start their own entrepreneurial journeys. Erik knows exactly what it’s like to have to start from nothing. His story powerfully illustrates and represents the power of change and what’s possible.


(00:34) – Erik tells us something interesting

  • He was a bodybuilder in 2018 and learned a lot about himself through that journey
  • Lives in Orlando, Florida

(1:20) – Erik explains his business, ERS Coaching

  • His first coaching gig was in the fitness space and has evolved into what his business is today
    • He had no credit, no money and basically no means to get the coaching and training necessary to “excel” in his niche- which then led him to help others who may be in similar situations
  • Now, his goal is to be there for new entrepreneurs (new coaches and speakers) to help them create a solid business foundation, discover their brand and bring it to the marketplace

(4:05) – Erik shares about rock bottom and how he overcame it

  • Started out selling candy & CD’s in Middle School, which led to selling drugs in High School (Marijuana and Adderall), which then led to doing and selling pain meds as well
  • In 2012 he was arrested for an armed robbery which was labeled as “a drug deal gone bad”
  • He called his dad from prison and told him that he wanted to change.
  • His first 6 months in prison he remained in the same lifestyle as before prison- selling and smoking cigarettes and then he had a wakeup call that he needed to change
  • Erik’s brother sent him some books to help encourage him and he started doing weekly coaching calls and it completely changed him

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(10:50) – Why Erik thinks entrepreneurs give up

  • Everyone is looking for “the next best thing” that is quick and easy, but that’s not realistic
  • You have to prepare yourself for the push back and resist the ‘shiny object syndrome’

(12:04) – What Erik is excited about right now

  • Possibility
  • People are craving change and development, and Erik is excited about the endless opportunities that come with an evolving generation

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(15:50) – Erik Salzenstein’s advice to entrepreneurs:

  • “Stay in your own lane and keep your blinders on.”
    • He’s struggled with comparison and believes that can really pull you down.
    • Don’t lose yourself, that’s how you stand out


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