Travis, the author of “Viral Hero”, is a serial entrepreneur with 7 successful exits (and a few crash-and-burn failures) to his name. As a growth engineer, he specializes in building products that grow themselves.
In his new book, Viral Hero, Travis helps growth and product teams gain a deeper understanding of viral marketing mechanics, and how to use creative product architecture to grow their companies.
Travis currently lives in Los Angeles, and serves as the CEO of GrowFlow – an industry-leading, venture-backed suite of software products for cannabis companies.
He is also an investor, advisor, and partner in several startups and venture funds.


Show Notes

(0:42) Travis tells us something interesting about himself.

  • Calling from Marina del Rey, California.
  • He’s an ultra-marathoner.

(1:13) Travis talks about Grow Flow.

  • It is a business to business software platform for cannabis businesses.

(2:37) Travis talks about Viral Hero.

  • He got into viral marketing and became a nerd for epidemiology and contagion modeling.
  • It goes into the 12 types of viral marketing, and breaks them down.

(6:50) Travis’ thoughts on “vanity metrics”.

  • The only metric that matters is the number of dead presidents in your bank account.
  • If you’re able to pay your employees in likes and views, that’s incredible.

(10:31) Travis’ thoughts on people depending on social media platforms.

  • You need to have several different marketing channels, and not depend on just one.

(13:31) Go to to schedule a business strategy session for free!

(15:07) Travis talks about rock bottom.

  •  He sold a company, they gave him a downpayment and they were going to do an earn-out after with the rest of the capital.
  • They eventually told him that it was gonna be more expensive for him to sue them than for them to pay him out.

(22:15) Travis tells us what he’s excited about within his business.

  • He is excited to give raises to employees that deserve it.

(24:27) Travis’ parting advice for entrepreneurs.

  • You’re far more effective if you practice self-care.


Find Travis on:

@TravisSteffen on Instagram






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