Will is the CEO and Solutions Architect of Fintelics. Fintelics is an advanced technology consulting & solution development company.


Show Notes

(1:22) Will tells us something interesting about himself.

  • Currently living in Toronto.
  • He studied Engineering Science at the University of Toronto.
  • He worked for IBM, his dream company.

(3:07) Will talks about Fintelics.

  • Emerging technology solution firm.
  • Their clients are either new businesses looking to disrupt the market or old businesses looking to innovate and stay competitive in the technical aspect.

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(9:38) Will tells us how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected his business.

  • They’ve had a relatively low impact.
  • Some companies may cut funding on their research and development sectors, while others think that right now it’s the perfect time to do development work.

(14:19) Will’s advice for entrepreneurs having to let employees go or closing their businesses because of COVID-19.

  • Leverage internet technology.


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