Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Pulp Culture.


Show Notes

(1:15) Mark tells us something interesting about himself.

  • He was born and raised in Toronto but currently lives in Los Angeles.
  • He started an alcoholic beverage company five years ago.
  • He’s an immigrant who decided to leave everything behind in pursuit of love and happiness.

(2:21) Mark talks about his businesses.

  • Pulp Culture is basically a house of brand within the alcoholic beverage realm.
  • 101 Cider House is a real cider house/outdoor venue.

(3:55) Mark tells us how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected his businesses.

  • Alcoholic beverages tend to do well in times like this.

(6:15) Mark tells us why his product is “better for you”.

  • It’s closer to nature, since it’s a fermented beverage that just happens to contain alcohol.

(7:42) Mark talks about the decisions he’s had to make because of the pandemic.

  • While some companies are cutting back and laying people off, they decided to go all-in.

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(10:22) Mark’s advice to entrepreneurs having to let employees go or closing their businesses during COVID-19.

  • Take your time to really think things through.
  • Lean on the people you surround yourself of.

(16:41) Mark’s parting advice for entrepreneurs.

  • Gamble on yourself.


Find Mark on:

@PulpCultureJuice on Instagram

@101Cider on Instagram







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