Listen to the best advice from this week’s guests!

Great sound bombs by Michael Bungay Stanier, Ishveen Anand, Anna Vocino, Travis Steffen, Michael Marra, and Cam Speck.


Show Notes

(0:27) Michael Bungay Stanier’s parting advice.

  • You’re probably not staying curious enough for long enough.

(2:23) Ishveen Anand’s parting advice.

  • Learn from your failures.

(4:01) Anna Vocino’s parting advice.

  • Timing is everything.

(5:12) Travis Steffen’s parting advice.

  • You’re far more effective if you practice self-care.

(8:07) Michael Marra’s parting advice.

  • Instead of spending lots of time in a start-up plan for your business, start talking to potential customers so that you can validate your idea.

(13:13) Cam Speck’s parting advice.

  • Focus on your personal development.







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