Listen to the best advice from this week’s guests!

Great sound bombs by Damen Griffith (, Heather Chauvin (, Luisa Zhou (, Mark McTavish (, Nathan Hirsch (, and Will Zhang (


Show Notes

(1:09) Damen Griffith’s parting advice.

  • Business owners need to take advantage of what the government is offering during this time.
  • Don’t feel like you’re too good to do anything.

(2:26) Heather Chauvin’s parting advice.

  • Failure only happens when you stop trying.

(2:29) Luisa Zhou’s parting advice.

  • Believe in yourself.
  • You are the only constant.

(3:26) Mark McTavish’s parting advice.

  • Gamble on yourself.

(4:31) Nathan Hirsch’s parting advice.

  • Pivot and adjust.

(5:26) Will Zhang’s parting advice.

  • Leverage internet technology.







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